I have MySQL workbench 6.2 installed on my Ubuntu 14.04. I installed it using the downloaded package from mysql website. A Few days ago, it stopped showing me 'Server' menu options (from the top menu), also I am unable to see the import /export related options. So I am unable to import or export databases.

How to fix this or uninstall this software? I tried installing the default MySQL workbench 6.0 from the software center, but, after installing it does not show, only the 6.2 version is available for use.

I also tried this link but nothing worked

sudo apt-get remove mysql-workbench

results in

Package 'mysql-workbench' is not installed, so not removed


 sudo apt-get purge mysql-workbench

results in

Removing mysql-workbench (6.0.8+dfsg-2) ...
Purging configuration files for mysql-workbench (6.0.8+dfsg-2) ...

Looking for version 6.0 not the 6.2 version I have in use.

Please help.


So i had the same package not installed error and that was because i was targeting the wrong package.


as found in this link i tried sudo apt-get remove mysql-workbench-community and this worked for me.

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