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Proprietary snaps contributed by a particular entity were removed from the snap store as described in How to ask to ban the application for security reasons?.

What cautions should users take before installing proprietary snaps?

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    Only download from trusted sources and depending on your level of concern test it in a VM or other sandbox. – Panther May 14 '18 at 1:57
  • (Even though for debs, much of that is applicable to snaps or, for that matter, any packaging format.) – muru May 14 '18 at 2:05

I'm going to give you the same exact suggestions we (the community) would give for "random PPAs":

Only use trusted sources for Snaps (rather than 'random suggestions') and if you really are concerned, test in an isolated VM or other isolated system/sandbox before putting it on a production machine to see if the snap does anything 'malicious'.

Beyond this step, there's no real way to properly 'vet' Snaps on the catalog for 'maliciousness'. If you find such a snap, though, you should report it to Canonical for immediate removal, and they can be pretty swift with that. (The same goes for PPAs, within 24 hours they can erase such a malicious PPA).

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