If a video is titled "5/12", then using %(title)s produces "5_12". Is there any way to preserve special characters in the filename? I would be okay with something like "5%2F12".

Alternatively if there's a fast way to download only video names from a playlist (-e or -j seems do to one video at a time) I will accept that as well.

--get-title does one video at a time for playlists. In fact when using --download-archive the names are all printed, albeit with extra text.

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    Having a "/" in a file name would be a problem. It would be interpreted as a directory. – stumblebee May 17 '18 at 18:22

youtube-dl -J --flat-playlist produces a JSON dump for the whole playlist, including the original titles (with escaped double quotes). -j for a JSON dump of each video.

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