After upgrading to 18.04 i encounter troubles when trying to print pdfs in colour. When I open a pdf in okular and try to print it, the output is always b/w. Further I am missing the printer quality option in the printer dialogue. There is no chance to set the quality and b/w or colour option. What I have tried so far:

  • Reinstall the printer via the kde dialogue and command line (also with different ppds (hpjis and hpcups).
  • Trying to print via Adobe Reader DC and Wine (which worked on 16.04 perfectly)
  • Setting the defaults setting of the printer in the kde dialogue and cups

There was no change in this. Interestingly this happens only when i try to print pdf in okular/adobe reader DC: In libreoffice writer printing works with no problems!

Any suggestions what I could do?

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