I would appreciate any help regarding installation of a working driver which will enable my Dell mono B1160 printer to operate. Too many hours I have spent trying to print from my Ubuntu computer to this Dell B1160 printer. Thanking all who have a suggestion on the driver and installation.

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I had exactly the same problem and here's the solution:

  1. Download the driver archive from here:
  2. Unpack it and go to ~/Downloads/B1160_B1160w_UnifiedLinuxDriver_1.01/cdroot/Linux

  3. Execute the installation script sudo sh install.sh

  4. Remove all printers from the system, including the one that was added during the installation.
  5. Click Add new printer and choose Dell B1160 Mono Laser Printer in your printer driver settings
  6. Enjoy

The Dell B1160 is actually a Samsung in disguise https://commtechwatch.com/2012/08/the-b1160w-a-samsung-mono-laser-in-dells-clothing/

So in CUPS just choose the printer as Samsung ML2165 Worked for me on Raspbian


Before I could get the install.sh script to succeed I had to comment out the following two lines in the start_install.sh script like so:

#. "$SCRIPT_DIR/check_packages.sh"
#MISSING=`check_required_packages required_packages`

The problem is that it can't find libsane even though I installed it I guess because Ubuntu 18.04 appears to have new directory structure for so libraries that their check_packages.sh script doesn't understand.

Like the answer by @xpoback after installation completed I also had to remove the printers added by the install script and click the add button in the user interface to add it again before it started working.

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