I just upgraded from 17.10 to 18.04 and noticed that right-clicking on my touch-pad got recognized as left-click.

I'm using a Dell Inspiron 15 (new) with a touch-pad that has two separate physical click-buttons underneath (pressing harder than touching). I don't know if they're both wired to the same event, though.

Before the upgrade I could cause a right-click by either tipping with two fingers OR clicking the right physical button. I use the latter for navigating in 3D-GUIs or drawing programs.

After the upgrade only the two-finger-tap works. I cannot perform click-right-and-drag actions any more. The one-finger-tap-and-move for dragging with the primary key still works, but there's no two-finger-tap-and-move for dragging/drawing with the secondary key (wouldn't be very ergonomic anyway). Two-finger-moves get recognized as scroll-event, which I like.

I found some advises to get the old behavior back:

But neither the "Area"- nor "Fingers"-mode allow me to issue a right-click by using the lower right corner of the pad.

I haven't tried the command-line suggestions from the above links, as they weren't really explained or looked like whatever the Tweaks-app does anyway.

Any ideas?

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