After successful net install of i-386 Ubuntu Mate 18.04, an error displayed when booting/starting up. (after the login screen completes.)

"/usr/share/im-config/data/21_ibus.rc line 6: /usr/bin/ibus-daemon: No such file or directory.

As a result, The session will not be configured correctly. You should fix the problem as soon as possible. "

I looked at the rc file. Lic 6 starts the ibus Daemon. It is missing. I also did a sudo find / -print | grep ibus-daemon None was found

My opinion is that is is an install bug - the daemon was left out.

As a hunch, I installed libibus-1.0-5, and restarted. That did not solve the problem.

Any suggestions? Write a bug report?

Thanks! Jay


Package ibus-daemon is a keyboard input method. I got the same error seemingly caused by an Ubuntu 18.04 update.

I was able to fix it by going to Settings > Region and Langauge > Language Support and changing the Keyboard input method system to XIM.


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