I use Oneiric with Unity. I want to make a script that

  • opens onboard if it's closed
  • minimizes onboard if it's open
  • unminimizes and focus onboard if it's minimized

I've tried with wmctrl -r Onboard -b toggle,hidden, but it doesn't do anything (I can't understand why, other options as wmctrl -r Onboard -b toggle,maximized_horz works fine).

I've found a more complex script here, it's made for a terminal, so I only need to replace the terminal with onboard.

However, that script doesn't work in Unity, I've tested in Oneiric and in Precise Alpha-2, it can minimize but it can't un-minimize/focus and gives this error message:

Wnck-WARNING **: Received a timestamp of 0; window activation may not function properly. 

I've tested the script in gnome-shell in Oneiric and it works fine, seems to be a problem only with Unity.

Can somebody help me?

Hola. Uso oneiric con unity, y quiero hacer un script que

  • abra onboard si está cerrado
  • minimice onboard si está abierto y visible
  • desminimice onboard y lo convierta en la ventana activa si está minimizado

He intentado 'wmctrl -r Onboard -b toggle,hidden' pero no hace nada (no entiendo por qué, otras opciones como 'wmctrl -r Onboard -b toggle,maximized_horz' funcionan bien).

He encontrado scripts más complicados en la red, como http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1464311 (está hecho para una terminal, solo tendría que cambiar la terminal por onboard). Sin embargo el script no funciona en unity, lo he testado en oneiric y en precise alpha-2, minimiza bien pero para desminimizar/enfocar da un error: 'Wnck-WARNING **: Received a timestamp of 0; window activation may not function properly'. He probado el script en gnome-shell en oineiric y funciona bien, así que parece un problema solo con unity.

¿Puede ayudarme alguien? Gracias.


This script will open onboard if its closed and kill if it is opened.

a=$(ps -A | grep onboard)
if [ "$a" = "" ]; then
killall onboard

exit 0

ps.: The script can take any name except *onboard*.

  • Thank you desgua, but I prefer minimizing instead of closing (open onboard needs about 5 seconds, and unminimize is instantaneous). – David López Feb 12 '12 at 10:19
  • I don't know why onboard isn't "obeying" wmctrl, neither xdotool when trying to minimize it... I will search for more. – desgua Feb 12 '12 at 10:52

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