In a course named ethical Hacking for beginners , I learned that wifi has some modes in which we can switch between but I don't know that what was the normal mode and how to switch on it

I used following commands :-

ifconfig wlo1 down
iwconfig wlo1 mode monitor
ifconfig wlo1 up

Managed mode is what you want:

$ sudo ifconfig wlo1 down
$ sudo iwconfig wlo1 mode managed
$ sudo ifconfig wlo1 up

And then restart networking:

$ sudo service network-manager restart
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    since ifconfig is obsolete now (no longer installed), maybe you could update this to use ip link set wlo1 down etc. This would also get around the problem that your edit made this answer extremely similar to velix's (although I think the sudos in your version are needed). – Zanna Sep 7 at 16:37

The "normal" mode is called managed. Just type:

ifconfig wlo1 down
iwconfig wlo1 mode managed
ifconfig wlo1 up

You may need to restart some services that you killed:

service network-manager restart
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I recently had this problem but what fixed it for me was

Sudo apt-get install - - reinstall network-manager

I hope this helps, Some useful commands I've learned along this journey are

// lspci / displays pci //

Lsusb / ports //

Netstat - I /network services //

Ip link show / can display your wlan0 card if not detected by ifconfig

// Lspci also helps //

Rfkill show all / my laptop had a "hard block" button that had an override over my wlan0, pressing ctrl c fixed this for me //

Iwconfig / was used to check the status of my wlan0 card //

Airmon-ng / showed my wlan0 card type as I originally thought it was a driver issue //

Dhclient wlan0 / started a dhcp client as to try to resume connectivity // //WL-

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