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I need to install a package on a standalone Linux box, specifically kdbg. Now I tired the command

sudo apt-get install --download-only kdbg

on a box connected to the internet, but it only downloads the package and dependencies that I don't have installed. Some of those dependencies (that command downloaded 117 total packages) have sub dependencies, and those sub dependencies have even more dependencies and I'm going down a rabbit hole trying to fish those packages out of the repo.

Now I tried using a couple of other commands that supposedly will download all dependencies, even the ones I have installed. I've tried

  1. apt-get download PACKAGE && apt-cache depends -i PACKAGE | awk '/Depends:/ {print $2}' | xargs apt-get download


  1. apt-get download $(apt-rdepends <package>|grep -v "^ ").

Command one only downloads the direct dependencies, like the ones you'd find on packages.ubuntu.com if you were to search kdbg, and command two gives me the error message:

Can't select candidate version for package <package> as it has no candidate

for several different packages.

So, to restate my question, is there a way for me to download kdbg, all of its dependencies, all of those dependencies' dependencies, so on and so forth? Or perhaps I am using one of the above commands incorrectly?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Run apt install <package> --simulate on the offline machine to get the complete list of packages the offline machine needs. – user535733 May 8 '18 at 19:08
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You need to run a command that automatically resolves all the .deb file's dependencies and installs the .deb file and its missing dependencies with the same command. You will need a working internet connection (which you have) and your installed software to be updated with sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade to download any missing dependencies. Open the terminal and type:

sudo apt-get download package-name  
apt install --simulate ./package-name.deb # dry run doesn't install anything

where package-name should be replaced by the name of the package that you are trying to download and package-name.deb should be replaced by the name of the .deb file that you are trying to install.

The second command doesn't install anything, it's just a dry run simulation to list the dependencies that need to be installed on the offline machine.

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