how do I restore the network applet to the mate panel in bionic? I recently upgraded Ubuntu Mate to the bionic version, and at some point the default network applet as vanished from its top right panel abode.

How do I get it back to its proper estate?


You can try to restore in from MATE Tweak (mate-tweak) by resetting panels layout:

MATE Tweak

Open Panel tab and try to switch panel layouts from for example Familiar to Traditional.

Also you can try to kill nm-applet and launch it again with:

killall nm-applet
nohup nm-applet &
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    Cool tool, I saved my current settings, and tried some others. when I returned to my original settings the "indicator applet complete" was back, so I'm happy. thanks for the pro-tips. – j0h May 9 '18 at 1:45

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