Is it possible to set the open app indicator on the custom .desktop and not on the programme that opens such file?

For example: I created a .desktop file for WhatsApp Web as follows:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=chromium-browser --app=https://web.whatsapp.com
Comment=WhatsApp web

and I added it to dash. Clicking on WhatsApp, a new Chromium window opens:


But I would like that WhatsApp has an independent icon so that when I click another time on the WhatsApp icon, I open the window already opened and not a new chromium window. I use Ubuntu 18.04 with dash-to-dock gnome-extension.


Yes it is possible.

  1. Open the link of the website you want to add to your Dock in your Chrome/Chromium browser.
  2. Open top-right menu () > More tools > Add to desktop...
  3. Type a suitable title and make sure to tick Open as window.
  4. You'll notice a new icon on your desktop (or ~/Desktop folder), launch it, right-click the icon on your Dock and Add to Favorites.
  5. Done.

You can remove the created icon from your Desktop if you want.

Note: This will add an entry for the added website in your GNOME Applications launcher. If you don't want that, you can hide it by adding NoDisplay=true to the end of the corresponding .desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications/

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