Wine is working perfectly well with off-line installers. But with on-line installers such as Google Backup & Sync and Tally (which is an ERP software), it is displaying an error.

Google Backup and Sync screenshot

0138:fixme:winhttp:WinHttpDetectAutoProxyConfigUrl discovery via DHCP not supported

Tally screenshot

0026:err:ole:start_rpcss failed to start RpcSs service
0009:err:wininet:open_http_connection create_netconn failed: 12029

On the other hand, applications that have already been installed using offline installers, are later having no troubles connecting with the internet.

I have tried:

disabling the firewall using

sudo ufw disable

installing winhttp dll using winetricks

winetricks winhttp

and in wincfg libraries, adding "dbghelp" and removing "d3d11".

Have also tried different Windows Versions in winecfg.

I'd prefer to fix this issue, rather than look for alternatives like Grive or offline installers.

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