I have tried all suggested solutions for this on the web, but none of them work in Ubuntu 18.04. Need to remap my Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to CMD + C and CMD + V, as well as tilde character.


Did you try this here ? :


Sure, that USB-port is really under voltage ?! Or is USB-port somehow not active ?!

Plug in and out keyboard usb and what delivers command lsusb ?!

Normally usb is plug-and-play , but it can help when you reboot your machine after keyboard is plugged in.

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    I can't downvote this because I do not have enough repurtation, but the question specifically asks about Ubuntu 18.04, which is what lead me here, and the link is from 2014. Ubuntu 18.04 does not show Englush (UK, Macintosh) in the list of available keyboards. – scravy Feb 5 at 12:33

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