The wrong folder was blasted with shift-delete in Nautilus. I have an older version of the folder, but gap between the two is significant. This article indicates that shift-delete is 'permanently' deleted and not in the 'trash':

If you deleted the file by pressing Shift+Delete , or by using the command line, the file has been permanently deleted. Files that have been permanently deleted can’t be recovered from the Trash.

There are a number of recovery tools available that are sometimes able to recover files that were permanently deleted. These tools are generally not very easy to use, however. If you accidentally permanently deleted a file, it’s probably best to ask for advice on a support forum to see if you can recover it.


Is there a simple method / tool to recover the folder?


Simple methods are preferred, all suggestions are appreciated: Thank you. I have some experience using sysrescuecd, however, I am not sure if photorec is the right tool for the job. There must be a better tool / method!


  • SSD device: dual boot Windows-10 + 16.04
  • Running photorec from sysrecuecd on target partition
  • First thing to do is shutdown. Then boot with a live USB and research the Internet from there. – WinEunuuchs2Unix May 5 '18 at 0:34

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