I am working on a project which has a custom Plymouth boot screen. I wanted to make the progress bar out of text (so the text slides from grey to white/color), but then it would show "nekOS 7 is starting up" on the shutdown screen. Especially in those random instances where it takes a long time to shut down, that would probably confuse the end-user.

So, what I am wondering is if there is a relatively easy way (or any way at all, as treacherous as it may be, hopefully aside from redoing code in the Plymouth splash screen) to have a separate boot screen for shutdown compared to the one at startup?

Thanks for any help in advance!


In the script for your custom theme use Plymouth.GetMode() and compare against "boot", "shutdown", "suspend" or "resume".


if (Plymouth.GetMode () == "suspend")

See: https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/Plymouth/Scripts/

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