If I press the calculator button in my keyboard, the gnome calculator app doesn't appear. I have double checked that the shortcut is ok in the settings app keyboard bindings config pane.


I found that installing the calculator app via apt instead of snap (the default in 18.04) fixed this issue:

sudo snap remove gnome-calculator
sudo apt install gnome-calculator

This has the added benefit of making the calculator launch instantaneously again.

The cause of the problem is a bug in the gnome-settings-daemon package, which has been fixed in Ubuntu 18.10 and above. The workaround above remains necessary in 18.04, however.

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    Great! It also solved the complete transparency window by having enabled Communitheme! – razor7 May 7 '18 at 11:50
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    Much better! It definitely launches faster now! – Stefan Profanter Aug 31 '18 at 7:56
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    How could they possible break the Calculator ? Of all things that may be broken this one should always work on any OS, no matter what... Imagine being a new person to (Ubuntu) Linux and finding that your calculator simply does not work with no error. – Flatron Sep 10 '18 at 7:44
  • @Flatron: there are even more basic things that they broke in Ubuntu 18. – Dan Dascalescu Jan 2 at 6:43
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    Working like a charm, with my Micorsoft keyboard! – Lizozom Feb 16 at 11:33

You can remove the default shortcut for "Launch Calculator"...

Remove default Calculator shortcut

and instead add a custom shortcut to run gnome-calculator, and assign the Calculator key to it:

Custom Calculator shortcut

  • In my case shortcut button doesn't respond when I press calculator button. This doesn't also respond when I try to bind already defined shortcut – Herrgott Sep 3 at 9:31

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