I constantly have error F7701-1003 trying to play Netflix on Ubuntu 18.04 using FireFox 59.0.2.

I already googled the problem and tried following:

-enabled DRM in the settings, let FF download and install DRM software (widevine I suppose), restarted FF, even rebooting ubuntu completely

-not using VPN

-disabled all extensions

-disabled tracking protection

-not using private mode

-switching user agent data to mac/win and browser to chrome

Same machine on same network plays Netflix flawlessly on Windows 10 using FF as well.

  • What specifically are you asking? – SDsolar May 2 '18 at 21:00
  • I tested your problem with my setup. (Host: Macos High Sierra , Guest : Ubuntu 18.04 Firefox 59.0.2 DRM enabled. No other settings configured and it works normally as far as I can see) – Egrimo May 3 '18 at 17:28

Go into Preferences » Privacy & Security » History. If you have told Firefox to "Never remember history" then you will get the F7701-1003 error. Change it to "Use custom settings for history" and then make sure all four of the check-boxes that appear underneath it are unchecked. Netflix should now work.

Note: You probably don't need to have all four of those checkboxes unchecked. I suspect only the first two are essential. I haven't, however, bothered to test the theory. :)

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