I created a .vdi with fixed disk size and later resized the disk size and attached to my Linux VM. But still my VM is not updated with the resized disk

Initially i got an error during the resize “Resize hard disk operation for this format is not implemented yet!” , maybe because I was trying to resize a fixed size disk

So I first created a clone of the existing virtual hard drive via Command Prompt, as it creates "dynamically allocated virtual hard drive" so that I can resize it without any errors

enter image description here

Then resized the cloned vdi to 40GB: enter image description here

Then attached my resized vdi to VirtualBox and removed my old vdi: enter image description here

I see that my disk size is resized here on the GUI.

But now when I run my VM, I still see that my disk size remains the same and not updated.

enter image description here

Any inputs on how I can update my VM with the resized disk will be helpful. Thanks

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    Did you also partition and format the disk after growing?
    – Takkat
    Commented May 2, 2018 at 19:24
  • Initially i didn't. Was able to resolve it after partitioning using GParted. I had to add the new extended "un-allocated" space to my disk Commented May 8, 2018 at 15:15

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I used GParted to modify the Linux native partition. I followed Use GParted to increase disk size of a Linux native partition.

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