I have a HP 3630 all in one printer/scanner and it was working great on Ubuntu 16.04 with the HP Print manager. Now I did a clean and fresh install Ubuntu 18.04 and the printing work fine, but example Sane (or other scan software) can't find the device.

error message

I have installed hplip 3.18.4 that I found on the HP website, but still nothing. Even to add a printer in the HP manager didn't work. In the WiFi I tried the WIFI-direct to connect with the printer and that works fine also, but the scan is not seen.

What to do to make scanning work on Ubuntu 18.04?

  • I use simple scan to scan documents. Just run "sudo apt install simple-scan" without the quotes. – Ryko May 2 '18 at 7:10
  • Don't provide information as image which can be text. – Karl Richter May 2 '18 at 8:29
  • 2
    The commands hp-doctor and hp-setup might give you more information what's wrong. – Karl Richter May 2 '18 at 8:30
  • Your AiO should work, it is fully supported by hplip. – N0rbert May 2 '18 at 10:41
  • I agree the AiO should work, like he did on Ubuntu 19.04, but he doen't on Ububtu 18.04. I have tried simple scan also with the same result. No device founded. – Tanama May 2 '18 at 14:24

I have just finished a long install/uninstall session in order to solve similar scanning problem. I can not say this is the best approach but I can give a few points I hope this saves someone time.

  • I have disabled cups auto adding of printers during this process, not sure this is important.

  • I have installed an older version of HPLIP 3.17.11. Even if it says that is doesn't support Ubuntu 18.04, this version is working... at least for my printer.

  • During installation, automatic is selected and I have opted out for HPLIP updates.

  • After installation, I have installed hp plugin with command

    hp-plugin -i

  • Scanner at this point started working if I start simple-scan as a root.

  • Need for that was fixed by executing

    chmod 755 /var/lib/hp

For me that was all.


I had similar issue with Officejet 6700 All in One printer. After installing HPLIP and running "sudo apt install hplip-gui", issues are solved. Printing, scanning and fax are supported.

  • Still works in 19.04. – colan May 22 at 20:33

Try adding sni-qt. I did that and the HP Manager starts to load. To install sni-qt run:

sudo apt install sni-qt
  • Thanks RMK, I did so. Now it works with a USB connection but doesn't work with WiFi. Also there are no errors now at start-up. So half solved. I wish I could remove the USB cable and use the printer for printing and scanning through WiFi only. – Tanama Jun 7 '18 at 5:47

I had been using HP Deskjet 4535 MFP Scanning feature within Ubuntu 16.04. However after installing 18.04, it didn't worked, as mentioned by Tanama. (While I had fresh installed 18.04, my home directory was same as one I had used for 16.04.)

I verified that "hplip" package was installed during 18.04 stock installation, and tried simple-scan, sane-utils, hp-setup, hp-probe and so on. None of those attempts worked. Even Gimp -> Create -> xscanimage didn't helped.

Finally, following worked for me.

  1. I installed hplip-gui package after going through this URL: https://websiteforstudents.com/installing-hp-printer-drivers-on-ubuntu-16-04-17-10-18-04-desktop/

  2. Run Dash -> HPLIP Toolbox (HP Device Manager) and configured my device. I had used manual mode to detect device by explicitly providing static IP address I have assigned to my Wireless MFP. After that, use Actions tab within HP Device Manager, and select "Scan". It starts "simple-scan".


I had a similar problem with an HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus. After a clean install of Ubuntu 18.04, the printer worked fine, but the scanner could not be found. The solution was to use the HP toolbox and install the fax printer, which for whatever reason was not automatically installed at the same time as the main printer. All worked perfectly after that.


I had the exact same thing happen. 1. Installed hp toolbox using the terminal. 2. Opened up hp toolbox and it automatically detected a missing driver and asked me if I wanted to download and install.
That worked like a charm; scanner now working. I hope it is that easy for everyone!

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