Could you tell me the version number of the 10.04.1 kernel?


The Linux kernel in Ubuntu 10.04 is currently upstream version with many Ubuntu specific additions. You can find this yourself on a 10.04 machine by reading the /proc/version_signature file, and reading the version string without the "-" in it:

cat /proc/version_signature 
Ubuntu 2.6.32-25.45-generic

If you don't have a lucid installation available, you can also see what versions are available in each release by going to https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux and scrolling to the bottom; the latest kernel in each release pocket will be listed. Thus (as of 2009-11-02), the current updated kernel for lucid is 2.6.32-25.45 and there's a kernel version 2.6.32-26.46 proposed to be published as an update undergoing testing in the lucid-proposed pocket.

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