I am trying to set up scripts that automatically connect a sshfs mount once I connect to a certain wifi network. My startup script looks like this:


echo "up" >> /var/log/custom-sshfs.log 
echo "$(iwgetid -r)" >> /var/log/custom-sshfs.log
echo "$IFACE" >> /var/log/custom-sshfs.log
echo "$(whoami)" >> /var/log/custom-sshfs.log

if [ "$IFACE" = "wlp2s0" ] && [ "$(iwgetid -r)" = "my-wifi" ]
echo "success" >> /var/log/custom-sshfs.log
su -c "sshfs server:/local/me /media/server" myuser >> /var/log/custom-sshfs.log
echo "Wrong wifi" >> /var/log/custom-sshfs.log

echo "test" >> /var/log/custom-sshfs.log

In my log-file I only see the output of the first 4 echo commands (the one in and after the if-else clause don't make it), so I I guess there is some error or bug in my code, but I can't figure it out.

Almost forgot: I have Linux Mint 18.2 & NetworkManager 1.2.6

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  • Have you tried running the script with set -ex at the top? It might help you pinpoint the error. – hhoke1 Apr 30 '18 at 19:06