Whenever I click the Chrome icon, Ubuntu 18.04 adds the VSCode icon to the dock or adds another dot to the VSCode icon instead of the Chrome icon. The Chrome icon doesn't display any dots, it only acts as a launcher.

If I click the VSCode icon it shows the Chrome windows, but I can also right-click the icon and select New Window to launch a VSCode window. A new VSCode window also adds another dot to the VSCode icon.

How do I get the Chrome icon working again so that Chrome dots are not added to VSCode?

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  • I've seen this issue with Chrome showing under Slack's icon as well. Maybe it has something to do with electron based apps. – Noel Apr 24 at 23:11

This seems to be fixed with the following command. Please note that this will reset all custom settings on the dock, such as custom favorites and panel extensions, which is undesirable.

dconf reset -f /org/gnome/

After running this command you may need to reboot.

  • didn't work for me. – mdanishs Jul 29 '18 at 18:48
  • didn't work for me either – bkucera May 24 at 15:29
  • This did all the undesirable things mentioned and didn't fix the issue. – Force Hero Aug 15 at 7:02
  • UPDATE: Actually this did work after a reboot. I can't edit my comment and I can't upvote the answer unless it's edited. @Allan Bogh could you edit and add the reboot step then I can upvote? Thanks. – Force Hero Aug 15 at 8:43
  • +1 It worked after reboot. But maybe put your warning about the reset in bold. Because this indeed resets the dock completely. Which is a side effect that I suspect will make a lot of people mad. – Jules Colle Nov 13 at 19:30

You might have installed VSCode as a snap package, which causes $XDG_CACHE_HOME to be set to ~/snap/code/common/.cache, which could cause some cli tools to mistake that for your cache directory, and install/launch binaries from there.

If you install VSCode from the .deb download, it should fix your issue

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