Coming from Ubuntu 16.04, I just installed Ubuntu 18.04 and appreciate a lot of Gnome features. It is very well polished...

I have a few calendars defined in Lightning (a Thunderbird extension) which sync' with a Baikal server (and then with my smartphone).

Is it possible to have Gnome using those calendars in place of the default Gnome agenda ? I have tried using "add calendar from web", but Baikal URL does not work. It seems from what I read that I would need to install evolution because the sync' part of Gnome agenda is managed by evolution...

As Thunderbird is the default email app with Ubuntu, I am reluctant to install evolution on my desktop.

Is there any way to achieve this dream ? Thanks.


I found an solution : there is an Thunderbird extension that does what I want. EDS Calendar integration integrates calendars events with Gnome clock applet. And there is nothing else to install, as evolution-data-server is already part of Ubuntu 18.04. You only need to install v0.5 (last one is v0.5.1) to be compliant with Thunderbird v52. Cool ! 8-)

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