When I try to compile my program using make and include immintrin.h, I get an error that movdirintrin.h does not exist. I've scoured the internet trying to figure out what is wrong. I'm using gcc-8, and the two libraries that are failing to compile are glm and zlib-ng. I didn't have a problem compiling until the last update of gcc on ubuntu.

I'm pretty new to Ubuntu, so very well could have made a stupid mistake, but I am honestly entirely lost at this point.

  • Could you please provide more information? immintrin.h is available in official repositories. Where did you get gcc-8 (it is too new for 16.04 LTS)? Only Debian Sid has movdirintrin.h. Add output of apt-cache policy gcc-8 to question. – N0rbert Apr 29 at 19:11
  • I have immintirn.h. It tries to include 'movdirintrin.h', and that's what is giving me the issue. I used sudo apt-get gcc-8 in the terminal to install gcc-8. – Gabriel Alexander Apr 29 at 19:13
  • 3
    I can't find a bug report, however the upstream changelog for gcc-8_8-20180425-1_amd64.deb includes the comment "Install the movdirintrin.h header file" – steeldriver Apr 29 at 19:28
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    So it is a problem on their end. Thank you. I had no idea where to look for that info. – Gabriel Alexander Apr 29 at 19:31

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