Good evening, morning or day to you, fellow Ubuntu users!

I have encountered a problem when trying to run Minecraft on Ubuntu MATE 18.04. I followed the instruction given on the website How to Geek How to Install Minecraft on Ubuntu or Any Other Linux Distribution, adding the repository for Oracle Java 8 etc. After downloading Minecraft.jar from www.minecraft.net I executed the file (java -jar Minecraft.jar), but...it didn't go exactly as expected. The output I got was:

Downloading: https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/launcher/launcher.pack.lzma Exception: javax.net.ssl.SSLException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unexpected error: java.security.InvalidAlgorithmParameterException: the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty

Downloading: https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/launcher/launcher.pack.lzma (try 2/10)

...and so on.

Do you perhaps know how to solve this problem?

This information, displayed while launching Minecraft, may be of use:

System.getProperty('os.name') == 'Linux' System.getProperty('os.version') == '4.15.0-20-generic' System.getProperty('os.arch') == 'amd64' System.getProperty('java.version') == '1.8.0_171' System.getProperty('java.vendor') == 'Oracle Corporation' System.getProperty('sun.arch.data.model') == '64'

Any advice on this topic will be appreciated! Thank you in advance!


  • Maybe this will work for you? There are other suggestions in this question as well. – Hee Jin Apr 29 '18 at 17:16
  • Have a look at this question over at StackOverflow: stackoverflow.com/questions/6784463/…. It may be of help. I would try the suggestion to issue the command sudo /var/lib/dpkg/info/ca-certificates-java.postinst configure to setup your certificate trust store. – Malte Skoruppa Apr 29 '18 at 19:31

I had this same exact problem. What I did to fix it was:

sudo apt-get update & sudo apt-get install ca-certificates-java
sudo update-ca-certificates -f

Go to the Java website and download the .tar.gz linux file. Extract the file from the archive:


Copy the file to

  • Worked perfectly! I didn't want to have to use snapcraft (personal technical preference more than anything), so I'm glad this worked! – CodeMouse92 Jun 27 '18 at 13:38

Just install Minecraft from Snap store-

sudo snap install mc-installer

Start the app after installation.

  • This was very quick and easy. Normally no need to reboot though. – Ian Petts Jun 21 '18 at 22:58

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