I just installed Kubuntu 18.04 and everything is going better than expected. However I have stumbled upon a problem with the Timer Widget (I'm guessing: my system is in Spanish and it is called "Cronómetro") that I put in my desktop: If I set one minute, the clock reversed back to 0 two seconds at a time every second, then finalizing in 30 seconds.

In https://bugs.kde.org I fail to find where should I report this annoying bug: either as widget or as plasmoid, there is no evident group where it belongs.

In the meantime, I guess I should use ktimer, where the problem is not there.


Ubuntu packages

Ubuntu Packages Search: https://packages.ubuntu.com

Searching: plasma widget + bionic

enter image description here

Two hits: https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=plasma+widget&searchon=names&suite=bionic&section=all

Package plasma-widgets-addons has the timer: https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/plasma-widgets-addons -> https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/amd64/plasma-widgets-addons/filelist

Source name: kdeplasma-addons

enter image description here

KDE Bug tracker

KDE Bugtracking System : https://bugs.kde.org/

Search first existing bugs (1)

Product: kdeplasma-addons (from the Ubuntu source)

enter image description here

Component: timer

enter image description here

(1) Timer bugs

Component: timer Product: kdeplasma-addons


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