The audio on everything is gone, nothing in browsers or viewers. I just downloaded 18.04, but it didn't work on 16.04 either. I can watch videos fine but only with missing sound.

These are my specifications:

  • Details: Memory-3.8 Gib
  • Processor-Intel® Atom™ x5-Z8350 CPU @ 1.44GHz × 4
  • Graphics-Intel® HD Graphics (Cherrytrail)
  • GNOME- 3.28.1
  • OS Type-64bit
  • Disk-61.3Gib
  • Have you chosen the right output in Settings > Sound? – Nis Apr 29 '18 at 6:47
  • there are no options there – Shane.D Apr 29 '18 at 7:42

This worked just fine for me :

  1. Open a terminal :

    sudo apt-get install pavucontrol
  2. Go to configuration and set the Profile to: Analog Stereo Out

Then enjoy :)

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    This work for me, i have a monitor hdmi, and I put configuration > Digital stereo HDMI – DarckBlezzer Oct 19 '18 at 5:16
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    works for me.. thanks! – imsrgadich Mar 6 at 14:59
  • In configuration i havent option for HDMI,i try on hundred ways,does Analog stereo out give us sound through HDMI? – Goran7777 Jul 29 at 11:12
  • Is there any way to write a batch script that will do this? It happens to me just about every time I unplug and plug in my monitor to my laptop. It is not optimal to do this every time – Jac Frall Oct 17 at 14:27

This tutorial worked for me when I had 16.04. It also worked for me with 18.04, but I didn't do all of the steps.

What I did was to skip all of the steps, tried this in terminal that I saw in another posting.

pulseaudio --start

and then went straight to step 6.

sudo apt-get install pavucontrol

then run


With this opened, I went to the Output Devices tab and changed the Port to Line Out (unplugged). And then I saved the icon in the launcher to add to favorites. Whenever you restart or start up your system, you might need to set this setting. I wish there was an automated setting where it is always set. I also changed my configuration to analog stereo output and then moved the slider under the port setting in the Output Devices tab from Silence to 100% (0dB).

To automate it, after setting volumes through pavucontrol, from terminal:

alsactl store

and autorun at login the restore command (probably both by sudo, whitelisting the command on sudoers to not ask password)

alsactl restore

Let me know if this helps.

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    As I pressed enter on pulseaudio --start, it says Daemon startup failed. I then did sudo pulseaudio --start and it said "This program is not intended to be run as root (unless --system is specified). – Shane.D May 5 '18 at 3:44

I had this problem when I connected my Computer to TV through HDMI, and then I turned-off the TV or disconnected the HDMI cable.

To fix it, I connected again the HDMI cable and went to settings, I chose PC's speakers to develop sound instead of TV's speakers.

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    I have the exact same issue but was wondering if this is fixable without an HDMI cable – evan54 Jan 5 at 14:32
  • Echoing @evan54. I've same issue and wondering the same.. – Arya May 22 at 22:25

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