I know this question might get deleted but I am very confused now.

There are two totally different websites, that offer lubuntu:



What is their difference?


The official Lubuntu home is: https://lubuntu.me

If you query whois you see that lubuntu is registered by Canonical:

$ whois lubuntu.me
Registrant Organization: Canonical, Ltd.

Also, some Canonical owned pages about Lubuntu stuff link to lubuntu.me:

Last, but not least the Lubuntu Wikipedia page links to lubuntu.me as the official website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lubuntu

On the other hand, you can find frequent reports about lubuntu.net having outdated download information and its whois is rather opaque 'Admin Organization: WhoisGuard, Inc./Admin City: Panama'.

lubuntu.net is still around and apparently was maintained by a member of the lubuntu project. Since 2016, there seems to be some kind of beef going between the people then controlling lubuntu.net and the current lubuntu development team controlling lubuntu.me:

  • 2016 launchpad discussion about lubuntu.me vs. lubuntu.net: https://bugs.launchpad.net/lubuntu-artwork/+bug/1608306 - in 2016 a lubuntu developer commented there 'Lubuntu.me is our official site, and we are working right now to talk to the owner of lubuntu.net in hopes of getting something done. I'll keep you posted.' and then in 2018 'Lubuntu.me is the only official and accurate one.'
  • a 2018, April lubuntu.me blogpost: 'all of our official web presences (meaning, Lubuntu.me and subdomains, because Lubuntu.net is no longer under the control of the Lubuntu project (we can’t say more at this time except that we are in no way affiliated with FOSSASIA))'
  • a 2018, September IRC comment by one of the lubuntu developers 'They [lubuntu.net] refuse to publish up-to-date content and refuse to work with us.'
  • a lubuntu.me Phabricator ticket asserting that lubuntu.net is 'impersonating' elements/pages of lubuntu.me
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Because Lubuntu was founded by Mario Behling and has been grown for many years by Julien Lavergne their web site still exists. The official Canonical website is https://lubuntu.me and theirs is https://Lubuntu.net There are those of us that used Lubuntu before it became officially recognized by Canonical as an officially supported "flavor". That is why the two exist.


Ubuntu's official website and DistroWatch both list http://lubuntu.me as the official website. Not exactly sure why there's two different websites.

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