I just finished the installation of the Ubuntu 18.04, but whenever I try to install any application from Ubuntu Software the same error occurs (for example "vlc"):

unable to install "vlc": snap "vlc" has "install-snap" change in progress

I hope somebody can tell me what I've done wrong.


Try using apt from the terminal.

sudo apt install packagename

For example, if packagename is vlc then

sudo apt install vlc

If you prefer a gui, try synaptic. If synaptic doesn't work for some reason, go to packages.ubuntu.com, look for your package and then download it off there. When you have fully downloaded it, open a terminal and cd to where you downloaded the package.

sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb

This will install your .deb package into your system. You might want to do this before you follow these steps.

sudo apt purge vlc

Snap is probably still working on something in the background (or at least it thinks so). Open a terminal and run snap changes so see a list of ongoing changes.

$ snap changes
123  Doing   2018-04-28T10:40:11Z  -  Install "foo" snap

You can abort ongoing change(s):

sudo snap abort 123

Then you should be able to successfully install VLC through the software center.

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Open your terminal and follow these steps.

1. Abort the "vlc" snap process.

Inspect your snap "vlc" process by running command snap changes, this will show the status list of the snaps installations similar to this.

ID   Status  Spawn               Ready               Summary
3    Done    today at 22:29 WIB  today at 22:31 WIB  Auto-refresh 6 snaps
4    Done    today at 22:56 WIB  today at 22:58 WIB  Install "gitter-desktop" snap
5    Done    today at 22:59 WIB  today at 22:59 WIB  Disconnect gitter-desktop:home from :
6    Done    today at 22:59 WIB  today at 22:59 WIB  Disconnect gitter-desktop:pulseaudio from :
7    Doing   today at 23:21 WIB  -                   Install "spotify" snap
8    Doing   today at 23:24 WIB  -                   Install "vlc" snap

2. Pick the ID of your VLC snap process

Pick the ID of your "vlc" snap process, for the example 8

3. Abort the snap process by ID

Abort snap process by running command snap abort 8. This action will abort your vlc snap installation process.

4. Open your Software Center or running snap installation by a terminal

sudo snap install vlc

5. Wait for the installation until finished.

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