So I freshly installed Ubuntu 18.04 alongside Windows 10. At installation I mounted C: and D: at home/drives/C - home/drives/D. I want to keep my working files in D therefore I am using git there, but every time I try running git status, git clone etc, the terminal wants me to use sudo.

Did I mount the volumes correctly? How can I get rid of the mounted volumes permissions?

  • As its NTFS, it's probably showing root as the owner of those files. See dupe on how to make your user appear as the owner, after which you don't need to use sudo. – muru Apr 27 '18 at 8:56

Try to run as root

You can use this command to run the entire terminal as root

sudo  -i


sudo su

Enter your password and you can do all commands as root

  • Thank you :) I am sorry for the easy question but I am fairly new to the OS. Have a nice day. – Huntix Apr 27 '18 at 9:12
  • no problem. have a nice day :) – Musthu Apr 28 '18 at 11:02

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