I have all of a sudden a problem with my Bluetooth on Ubuntu 17.10.

The UI tells me it's Off, and I can still turn it off (which is strange).

Then I tried to purge/reinstall Bluez, and used a lot of commands to activate the Bluetooth service but nothing works...

I have read a lot of threads on multiples forums this morning, if someone want to guide me through a kind of debug process it would be appreciated.

Thanks !

  • please post the output of rfkill list and hciconfig -a – ptetteh227 Apr 27 at 0:00
  • Thank you but, surprise, tonight, after reinstalling Bluez like I said this morning and run a few commands in vain (particulary sudo systemctl start bluetooth / sudo systemctl enable bluetooth few times) , when my computer woke up from the sleep mode tonight, the bluetooth started suddenly to work again... I suspect something was triggered at this precise time, but I don't know why or what did that. Thanks again! – Parviz Apr 27 at 1:27

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