Yesterday the partition where I have my SO got full so I typed this command: dpkg --get-selections|grep 'linux-image*'|awk '{print $1}'|egrep -v "linux-image-$(uname -r)|linux-image-generic" |while read n;do apt-get -y remove $n;done. to delete old kernel images and did a clean up. So today when I turned it on the system was running really slow like 1 frame per second and it didn’t automatically connect to the WiFi. What can I do to fix it?? Thanks for your help guys!!


Run these commands and report back any errors found:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -f

If errors were reported as being fixed then reboot and see if speed improves.

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  • I get five errors, Err:1 http:... temporary fail to solve repository, Err:2 http:... and 5 more. Also I get more errors like: Fail to obtain repository. When doing sudo apt install -f I get: 0 updated, 0 new files will install 0 will be deleted and 9 are not updated. I think the problem is that I’m not connected to internet but I don’t know how to connect, it should do it automatically because the WiFi is saved but it doesn’t. – Pedro Sanchez Apr 27 '18 at 22:54
  • Boot with a Live USB and see if WiFi works ok using it. – WinEunuuchs2Unix Apr 27 '18 at 23:01
  • Yes it does work fine – Pedro Sanchez Apr 28 '18 at 14:05

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