I am using a ThinkPad Edge 11. After the installation I replaced Banshee with Rhythmbox. Everything worked fine for 4 weeks but all of a sudden the media keys stopped working.

I need to press and hold the Fn button to use the media keys. I ran

$ sudo showkey

and it shows that I press the Fn button (Code 143) but nothing when i then press one of the media keys (F1 to F9 to be precise). The media keys from F11 to F12 work (play/pause and next track).


The problem resolved itself after the last kernel update.

$ sudo showkey

also shows each key again. Case closed.

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    accept your own answer, when you can. :) (you need to wait 2 days I think..)
    – Alvar
    Feb 16 '12 at 16:56

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