I'm wondering where do I go to check the status of and report problems to a mirror.

The au.archive mirror is down at the moment (I couldn't even connect to it about 30 minutes ago) with it directing to an aarnet webpage at the moment when trying to access it.

I assume some maintenance or such has caused issues, but I can't seem to find any sort of status webpages that relate to mirrors.


You can check if a mirror is down by visiting Down For Everyone Or Just Me, however there isn't a central website where you can select an Ubuntu mirror from a list of mirrors and check the status and report problems with that mirror. Report the issue to the mirror that is down or else either wait for the mirror to come back up or temporarily use a different mirror.

Immediately after a new version of Ubuntu is released, Canonical temporarily adds more Ubuntu iso image servers, so that everyone who wants to download the newly released Ubuntu iso image can download it quickly.


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