I am trying to use my terminal to download the xls file from this link https://www.tase.co.il/_layouts/Tase/ManagementPages/ExcelExport.aspx?sn=none&action=1&SubAction=0&GridId=33&CurGuid={26F9CCE6-D184-43C6-BAB9-CF7848987BFF}&ExportType=1

I made sure the link is good by open the link with chrome and the "download xls file" window shows up

I tried wget --no-check-certificate https://www.tase.co.il/_layouts/Tase/ManagementPages/ExcelExport.aspx?sn=none&action=1&SubAction=0&GridId=33&CurGuid={26F9CCE6-D184-43C6-BAB9-CF7848987BFF}&ExportType=1

but without any success

the end point is to create cronjob that will download that latest file from this link and put it in a folder /home/vm1/"dropfilehere" when the xls file name - has the date and time of download

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    Have you tried quoting the URL?
    – danzel
    Apr 25 '18 at 21:05

Your URL contains several characters that bash considers as "special": ?, &, '{' and '}'. You may either make these characters non-special with the \ prefix:


or, place the whole URL inside '' quotes to disable shell interpretation:


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