I'm having trouble with sending DNS requests through my VPN connection, I believe this is an Ubuntu question because I have OpenVPN installed on my phone and DNS traffic from there is sent through my VPN. It maybe that I'm missing something simple in the ubuntu settings, but I'm still trying to learn this stuff.

So I have 2 Raspberry Pi's setup at home, one as a PiHole and DHCP server, and the other as a PiVPN server. I've imported the ovpn file into network manager to setup the VPN connection on my ubuntu laptop, but when browsing the internet ads still show. When browsing using my phone and tablet with the OpenVPN app installed and connected ads are blocked.

I've tried setting the DNS in the vpn settings to, which is the IP for my PiHole on my home network. Turning on and off the automatic DNS setting but the ads are still there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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