Recent install of 17.10 desktop with all updates and upgrades. I cannot seem to disable the screensaver. I assume that is the problem. First disabled suspension.

I am debugging a possibly memory leak so I left TOP running with the program and TOP on the desktop where I can watch them and I turn off the monitor. The next morning I turn on the monitor and have to log in. TOP is not running but the program is. There is so much noise in the /var/log I am unsure what is going on or what to look for.

The program requires that I enter a pass phrase to unlock it. If the system reboots it is necessary to re-enter the phrase. When I check the program it is already unlocked so I am guessing there is a "blank" screensaver in the distribution that causing the problem. Googling I read where screensavers were remove long ago from the distribution but a "blank" one seems to be present.

Will removing gnome-screen saver fix this? Maybe there is a command in the terminal to stop this behavior? IANE on linux and I did not see anything in the apps pages other than "sleep" which I disabled.

[EDIT] Sorry - was using system monitor, not TOP. Also the program, while still running, was hung and I had to reboot to fix it. Still, that does not explain why I had to log in the next morning.

[2nd EDIT] OK, seems to be a known bug, some interaction with the AMD or NVIDIA driver when the monitor is turned off. I will leave the monitor on. I did not respond to this post as an 'answer' as possibly that bug was fixed and this might be a new one.

[3rd EDIT] The driver I had to use was amdgpu-pro-17.50-511655.tar.xz as my system required OpenCL which was unavailable with stock 17.10 ubuntu install. The app was 'gridcoinresearch" which needs to be left running 24/7 so as to stake for crypto-mining. Everything seems fine if I leave the monitor on overnight. Turning it off seems to cause the problem. Probably same as Bug #1729028

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