I've downloaded postman and I want to be able to start it from the Gnome search functionality (like I open all my applications). So following this guide I created a .desktop file on the following location: /home/kramer65/.local/share/applications/.desktop which contains this:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Postman Native App
Exec=/home/kramer65/bin/Postman-linux-x64-6.0.10/Postman/Postman — %u

When I hit the super key and search for postman in the search bar however, I can't find it.

Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong here? All tips are welcome!

  • Where did you place the .desktop file? In /home/kramer65/.local/share/applications/ folder or /home/kramer65/.local/share/applications/.desktop/ folder? – pomsky Apr 25 '18 at 10:03
  • 1
    What is Postman — %u for in your Exec= line? Is it literally like that in your .desktop file? And why the need for the .desktop subfolder in /home/kramer65/.local/share/applications/.desktop/ – DK Bose Apr 25 '18 at 10:50
  • By the way, did you try the .desktop file shown in blog.bluematador.com/posts/… assuming that it's the same postman? – DK Bose Apr 25 '18 at 11:27
  • 2
    Did you name the new desktop file, i.e name.desktop where name could be anything you want, single word is best or no spaces. Or did you make it .desktop. If the later then delete .desktop & do again . Also at the end of the Exec= line it's a -- not a After adding a new proper desktop file to an applications folder a log out/in may be needed for it to show. – doug Apr 25 '18 at 11:29
  • @doug - Turns out I had to rename the file to postman.desktop for it to work. If you add your comment as an answer I can accept it. – kramer65 Apr 25 '18 at 19:03

In this particular case the website wasn't exactly clear that one needed to create a named desktop file which lead the Op to creating a file named .desktop

This wouldn't be considered a valid desktop file, more like a hidden file named desktop.

The solution was to rename the .desktop file to postman.desktop

Also to remember many websites turn -- into which is useless in an Exec= line.

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