I've been using Activities Overview to navigate between windows, because I like being able to see the windows in 2D (as opposed to the list form of Alt-Tab, which I often need to press many times to get to the window I want).

The Up, Down, Left and Right keys currently move between windows, but I'd like to use J, K, H and L instead. Currently these keys type a search entry, but I don't use the search function much anyway.

Is there a way I can configure this setup? Alternatively, is there an easier way to change between many windows other than pressing Alt-Tab lots of times?


You may use a GNOME extension called "windowNavigator". This extension does

Allow keyboard selection of windows and workspaces in overlay mode.

Once you have installed and activated the extension (you may have to re-login once) press Super to get to Activities overview. Then press and hold Alt. A unique number will appear over each window (see screenshot below). Press the number corresponding to the window you want to switch to while still holding Alt.

enter image description here

Unfortunately, you can use this feature for up to 9 windows per workspace (can't press two-digit numbers).

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