I am configuring my wifi, and it's working pretty well. I just want to know if I can make it work better. I've searched and I haven't found an answer to the meaning of ALL these variables:ant_sel, debug, fwlps, ips, swenc, (bool), disable_watchdog, (int), msi, swlps, specially fwlps, ips, swenc and disable_watchdog.

I am searching for how to open the manual of this or just the meanings. Thanks!

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    If you run modinfo <module_for_your_wifi> |grep ^parm you'll get a short description of each parameter and that'll point you in the right direction for more research. – dsstorefile1 Apr 23 '18 at 22:32

The command modinfo rtl8723be gives a brief explanation:

parm:  swenc:Set to 1 for software crypto (default 0) (bool)
parm:  ips:Set to 0 to not use link power save (default 1) (bool)
parm:  swlps:Set to 1 to use SW control power save (default 0) (bool)
parm:  fwlps:Set to 1 to use FW control power save (default 1) (bool)
parm:  msi:Set to 1 to use MSI interrupts mode (default 0) (bool)
parm:  aspm:Set to 1 to enable ASPM (default 1) (int)
parm:  debug_level:Set debug level (0-5) (default 0) (int)
parm:  debug_mask:Set debug mask (default 0) (ullong)
parm:  disable_watchdog:Set to 1 to disable the watchdog (default 0) (bool)
parm:  ant_sel:Set to 1 or 2 to force antenna number (default 0) (int)

I suspect that the parameter you are most interested in is ant_sel as antenna selection is a known issue for your device: Unable to connect wifi ubuntu 14.04 LTS HP Pavilion Network driver rtl8723be

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