I am running 16.04LTS with a multi-speaker enabled laptop (4.1 surround). I am trying to get the audio working on all the four internal speakers. The default audio management package alsa-mixer is supposed to detect all the speakers and the subwoofer correctly, but it is not. Only the subwoofer is working and it is getting mapped to the Front Right in Sound Settings > Output > Test Sound.

Image : Only two speakers detected

Also, in alsa-mixer there should have been more columns (for more speakers), but I only see few.

Image : Few columns in <code>alsa-mixer</code>

I read a bit and found that the audio pins are not getting retasked properly, and this is already a bug (Bug report : Launchpad), and using HDAJackRetask it is possible to retask all the pins manually to the respective speakers. I found a post using the same audio codec as mine (Realtek ALC255, Link) which makes the real speakers and the subwoofer work correctly, however the front speakers are still don't work. Here is a screenshot of all the configurations available in HDAJackRetask on my machine :

Part I

Part II

I don't know anything about audio hardware, channels or pins. I would be grateful if somebody can help me find the right configuration for all the four speakers. Please let me know if there is a duplicate post anywhere, because I looked a lot and couldn't find it.

Thanks in advance!


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