I recently upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04, and a found a few broken dependencies. I have tried several solutions and managed to fix some of the issues, but this one keeps coming up with 13 broken packages. The output is in the pastebin below.


Edit 1:

I no longer receive the errors below, as I followed the instructions in the output and removed these files manually:

Ignoring /etc/texmf/texmf.d/05TeXMF.cnf during generation of texmf.cnf, please remove manually!

There were 9 other files with the same error; all were deleted. However, I am still receiving the errors that follow:

Setting up tex-common (6.04) ... Running mktexlsr. This may take some time... done. Running updmap-sys. This may take some time... updmap-sys failed. Output has been stored in /tmp/updmap.n68zJZwY

Please include this file if you report a bug.

Sometimes, not accepting conffile updates in /etc/texmf/updmap.d causes updmap-sys to fail. Please check for files with extension .dpkg-dist or .ucf-dist in this directory

No files with these extensions exist in that directory.

dpkg: error processing package tex-common (--configure): subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1

dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of texlive-latex-base: texlive-latex-base depends on tex-common (>= 6); however: Package tex-common is not configured yet.

The dpkg errors continue for the 13 packages in question, with full output here: https://pastebin.com/QqupKHFH.

Output file referenced above is here: https://pastebin.com/vthGdcPz

For what it's worth, and to the best of my knowledge, I don't use these packages. I installed TeX a long time ago to explore, but do not use it. Uninstalling these packages are a viable option, although repairing these is a great learning opportunity. I tried using the --syncwithtrees option on a couple of commands, to no avail; I'm not really sure where it belongs. Thanks for the feedback so far!

  • It would be easier to give you support if more of your description was included in your question. I understand that you want to include as much as possible. But you might consider adding 10 or 15 lines of your output to your question and including a pastebin link for other details that might use hundreds of lines. It takes a little more work to leave AU's page and study links. As far as a dpkg error look at the output, perform the suggested command for the resolution. The error message almost always gives a specific command for resolving the problem. – L. D. James Apr 22 '18 at 22:22
  • how did you install Tex? – Fabby Apr 22 '18 at 22:44
  • Fabby, it's been so long I don't really remember. From the command line, several years ago. I don't need it anymore, but I'm not sure how to fix the dpkg/ dependency errors. My next step may be a reinstall. – bubb May 13 '18 at 3:52

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