Using Ubuntu Bionic (server image pre-GA), coming from Centos 7 (i.e. this may not be limited to just Bionic), I find that the vim editor has some very annoying defaults. How can I disable the following;

  1. Auto-tab insertion in bash code when using if and pressing enter
  2. Search with '/' requires one to press enter to go back to editing mode and pressing something else - like cursor right - swaps back to the original location instead of the location where one is at.

Both these do not feel like standard/default vim


I found the answer in another thread

Open ~/.vimrc and add this;

:set nocompatible

This fixes all 3 issues to how they were in 17.10:

  1. No more odd reactions when you search with '/'
  2. No more odd tab/space inserts when editing
  3. No more odd character inserts when using arrow keys in edit mode

I believe this to be a bug in Ubuntu Bionic, at least in the pre-GA release.

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