I run Ubuntu with Cinnamon (from Mint). I have two monitors connected to my laptop.

  • The first monitor is connected via HDMI and it serves as my main monitor.
  • The second monitor is connected via VGA and I like it to serve as a second rotated 90 degrees monitor.

To rotate it I executed xrandr --output VGA-1 --rotate left and it did the trick.

Now I'd like have to 'independent' workspaces. Let me tell what I mean by that.

  1. When I move a mouse cursor to the very left, it becomes visible on a second monitor (and is not visible on my first). I don't want that behaviour.
  2. I have a space on my second monitor, i.e. it is kind of extension of the first monitor. I don't want that either. I'd like to have standard desktop with icons etc. on my first monitor, and another standard desktop with icons on my second monitor. How do I do that?

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