I have created a debian package that contains the following files

  1. mypackage.desktop
  2. mypackage
  3. control
  4. copyright
  5. packagedeb.sh
  6. mypackage.jar (generated from my source code)

I wrote some commands inside the mypackage file like:

cp usr/share/applications/mypackage.desktop  ~/.config/autostart/

to copy the .desktop file into autostart directory.

But I cannot see mypackage.desktop file inside autostart.

How can I create a debian package that copies a .desktop file into the autostart folder to launch my app at startup?

I am using these instructions.

  • Apart from the question: I don't think it is the correct/decent procedure for any package to make unnoticed, unmentioned changes locally while installing without specific confirmation from the user. – Jacob Vlijm Apr 18 '18 at 10:33

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