I can't create a partition during the installation of Ubuntu on my laptop. When choosing the corresponding drive, the button for partitioning is simply greyed out.

picture of it

I it is, however, enabled, when i select other drives.

Of course, no effing error message or explanation on the GUI on this whatsoever.

  • Trying to read the out of focus image gives me a headache. Can you try to send another image? You might consider taking a couple and uploading the best. The blurriness is most likely from moving while clicking. – L. D. James Apr 16 '18 at 17:38
  • Blurry image is blurry, but I believe that your /dev/sdb is already set up as the mount point for / if I'm reading this right. Can you take a new picture/screenshot that is less blurry and more in-focus? – Thomas Ward Apr 16 '18 at 22:44

As it turns out, this error occured because the device was already mounted. After i aborted the installation, i got booted into a Linux-Live-System, from which i was able to restart the installation. Only this time, a nice message box told me that a certain drive was already mounted and, in order to partition it, it needed to unmount it. Which it did. After that, it worked..

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