I'm having the same problem as this person: Fn Media keys slow/delayed on ubuntu gnome 17.04

I've already looked everywhere, and I could not find an answer. AskUbuntu, the Arch Wiki, Reddit, Discord, IRC, etc. Nothing. I don't think I can put much more detail into this because it's the same problem and it happens every time without fail. Not happening on Wayland, so indeed an Xorg issue.

This also happens on the Budgie desktop and on the default Gnome desktop, so I'm starting to think that this is something to do with Gnome/GTK but I have no idea how to fix it on my system, absolutely no clue.

I'm on Ubuntu 17.10, on Intel Integrated Graphics on an i3 3217U and 8GBs of RAM. Laptop model is an ASUS X550C.

  • Still happening on Ubuntu 18.04 Beta 2 – gustavo17pacheco Apr 23 at 15:04
  • Still happening on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS stable. – gustavo17pacheco Apr 29 at 12:35
  • Definitely not a solution but maybe a workaround. Couldn't you bypass the issue by using xbindkeys to map another key combination, that doesn't use the Fn key, to those media controls? It shouldn't be too difficult for volume and brightness, I don't know about others though. – dsSTORM May 14 at 21:37

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