I want to make a virtual harddisk because I am trying to build a linux system from source. Following this tutorial, I have successfully created a virtual harddisk image. I made 20 GB of it, did mkfs ext4, and partitioned it into 3 partition using fdisk:

  1. 10GB for root partition
  2. 1GB for swap partition
  3. 1MB for boot partition

I can mount the whole img but I don't see any partition nor can I access them. I want to be able to mount them in /mnt/test, /mnt/test/swap, and /mnt/test/boot in my main system. I have tried using offset option while doing mount and made the image a gpt table (the default is dos when I enter fdisk) but the image won't be mounted at all (error: wrong fs type, bad option, etc). What should be done?

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