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I am currently dual booting with Windows 10 on this laptop. When I boot, Ubuntu freezes at the login screen. Nothing I have found provided a long term/permanent solution for me. I believe it is to do with my dual graphics (Intel on-board graphics and Nvidia GTX 970) having some sort of conflict. I have tried booting with nomodeset and nouveua modeset both to 0 but it is quite temperamental if it works or not.

I have had this problem with freezing or black screens on about 3 or 4 installations of different distributions so I am certain it is a hardware conflict issue.

How can I fix this freezing problem?

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  • You could try booting to Recovery mode, and uninstall the Nvidia driver, reboot, and see if you can get past the login screen. – heynnema Apr 15 '18 at 0:23

Try to boot in recovery mode by pressing left SHIFT or ESC, then switch from the NVIDIA drivers to the xserver-xorg-video drivers within the Driver Manager - then reboot. You could also try an earlier version of the NVIDIA driver.

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